My name is Monika Hödl and I was born in Graz in the seventies of the past millenium.
In 'real life' I'm working as self-employed software developer, trying to combine my sense for arts with the job whereever I can.
Apart from my day job, I am interested in sports (Kitesurfing, Climbing, Mountainbiking, ...), animal protection and - of course - photography and painting.

My Photography

As far back as I can remember, I was interested in arts, did a lot of paintings, and at the age of fourteen I got my first camera. An eos 1000f.
Following, at sixteen, I had my first darkroom equipment and did a lot of experimental work with it.

Name: Monika Hödl
Photographical Focus: Sports, Portrait, Nature
Interests: Photography, Arts, Sports (Climbing, Kiteboarding, ...), Software Development, Animal Protection

In the years 2010/2011 I attended the 'Academy of applied photography' in Graz, where my passion got technical and artistic support.

Monika Hödl Photography | Am Langedelwehr 32/5 | 8010 Graz | AUSTRIA | monika.hoedl(at)